Recording @ Machine Gun Studios.

Recording from the floor will be modified to suit your needs and goals so let's talk. The clearer your vision, the easier the recording process, and the more tangible our results.

Production and Engineering

I want to be a part of your project beyond just plugging in mics and hitting ‘record’. As your producer and engineer I’ll help with arrangements and performance, and generally help guide and shape your session. If we go this route I usually come to a few rehearsals beforehand to get familiar with you and your music. This gives us the chance to talk about your ideas before we start working, and lets me make useful recommendations in the studio.

Standalone Engineering

Not everyone likes or needs the production / engineering approach. If all you want is for me to record your songs and make them sound hot I’m happy to do that, too. However you want to work, the outcome is the same: professional recordings ready to be mixed at Machine Gun or with another mix engineer.

My Rates

If you want to discuss recording rates, feel free to give me a call or shoot me a message. Any given session will vary so it'd be helpful for me to become better acquainted with your project before I quote a rate.

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